Code of Conduct

As a lifeguard or Attendant for John’s Beach Service you are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner at […]
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Job Description

There are three different types of lifeguards for JBS.  The most common lifeguard is the stand lifeguard. This lifeguard has […]
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LIFEGUARD JBS lifeguard uniform consists of navy JBS guard shorts for men and a navy generic lifeguard bikini or one […]
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The guard house located on the same property as the office is a common place to live for first year […]
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Starting lifeguard pay is $12.00/HR + 2% of the revenue generated from your weekly chair rentals.  First year guards can […]
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Days Off

Lifeguards and attendants are provided days off BY REQUEST.  A ‘dry-erase’ calendar is located in the downstairs office and available […]
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Typical Day

Time Activity 7:30 am Both lifeguard and attendant arrive at beach, begin chair and umbrella setup(Depending on how many sets […]
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Beach Layout

Johns Beach Service covers an area of over five miles of Myrtle Beach, from 14th avenue North to 78th avenue […]
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Chair and umbrella rentals handled by the attendant have a set list of pricing and standard policies that must be […]
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Violations / Write-ups

Throughout employment, if an employee is in violation of any guideline/rule, a manager or supervisor may deem necessary to document […]
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All lifeguards must learn how to properly communicate using a radio. When addressing another stand or a supervisor you first […]
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Rescues will need to be done and there is a high chance that you will participate in a rescue. You […]
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Rip currents are a relatively strong, narrow current flowing outward from the beach through the surf zone and presenting a […]
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 The supervisors will decide the water hazard level at the start of each day. It is up to you to […]
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Umbrella Ordinance

Chap 5. Sec. 5-4.  Lifeguard stands’ access, egress and line of sight protected. a.   Through the use of “Beach […]
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App Training

Please start this after you have read through the handbook. We have a custom application that we use to manage our rentals. To help you learn the application, we have created a series of training videos. Close captioning and transcripts provided.

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