Chair and umbrella rentals handled by the attendant have a set list of pricing and standard policies that must be followed. Pricing for a DELUXE (two chairs and one umbrella) is $45 for one day 9:00-4:30 pm and that price for the day drops down to $20 after 2:00 pm. For multi-day rentals there is a scaling discount (see Table 3). This reduces the daily price for each additional day rented however, this must be paid upfront, meaning to receive the discount the customer must pay for the full week or however many days they plan on renting or else no discount is given. Renting multiple sets increases the discount as well. Additional umbrellas or chairs can be added on to rentals for reduced pricing also. It is very important to accommodate customers with specific requests as this is a good image for JBS and also increases your chance of receiving a tip.  JBS accepts cash, check and credit card.

Beginning in spring 2021, JBS will be migrating towards an online rental system.  This will allow renters to reserve and pay for their umbrellas prior to their stay.  Attendants will have a login ID and specific employee code that will allow them to login to our online sales system and track all rentals.  All employees will go through training with our online sales system to become familiar and efficient with it.

DaysTotal (for one set)
  • Extra chairs are 5$ more per chair per day and umbrellas alone are 20$ per day. 
  • Any extra day after the 8th day is 15$. For sales over 1,000$ sometimes an additional discount may be given if asked for. Nick, Judd or a supervisor must be asked for this and it is not guaranteed. 


JBS handbook illustrates our standard operating procedures, as well as other necessary information that will be beneficial to you. We encourage you to become familiar with the information in the handbook. This information will be covered again throughout your initial rookie training program.

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App Training

Please start this after you have read through the handbook. We have a custom application that we use to manage our rentals. To help you learn the application, we have created a series of training videos. Close captioning and transcripts provided.

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