Cash-clip / Online seating chart

Your online seating chart is a chart within the JBS app that breaks down each rental, listing what was rented, what time it was rented, for how long, how much it costs, how much was paid for, and information of the renter.  AS SOON AS A RENTAL IS MADE, THAT INFORMATION MUST BE LOGGED INTO THE APP AND CASH RECEIVED IF APPLICABLE. This is crucial. Every rental will be recorded in the app and all cash or checks will be contained inside the cash-clip not including your tips. Personal tips are to be separated from your cash-clip as soon as possible. Try to get change to separate out tips during your lunch break. ALL CASH OR CHECK IS NEVER TO BE PLACED ANYWHERE BUT YOUR MONEY CLIP AS THIS IS HOW MONEY CAN BE MISPLACED. You are responsible for any money that was misplaced for the day. Your book will be reviewed throughout the day by your supervisor and you will get what’s called a “pickup”. A pickup is when your supervisor takes the majority of cash from your book except for small bills that can be used for change. This allows supervisors to reduce any overwhelming amounts of cash that a lifeguard may have and take it to a safe location. When you rapidly make sales and have excess of $500 or more it is smart to radio your supervisor for a pickup.

The online seating chart lays out each line of sets from your lifeguard stand, your north line of sets and your south line of sets. Your app and cash-clip are routinely checked by your area supervisor, meaning that the supervisor will compare your cash and seating chart to your line to make sure that all sales are accounted for and properly logged. THEFT IS AN AUTOMATIC TERMINATION.



JBS handbook illustrates our standard operating procedures, as well as other necessary information that will be beneficial to you. We encourage you to become familiar with the information in the handbook. This information will be covered again throughout your initial rookie training program.

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App Training

Please start this after you have read through the handbook. We have a custom application that we use to manage our rentals. To help you learn the application, we have created a series of training videos. Close captioning and transcripts provided.

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