Other General Ordinances

  • No thongs are allowed on the beach.
  • Dogs are allowed before 10am and after 5pm from May 1st to Labor Day (Sept 2nd.
  • Alcohol is NOT allowed on the beach.
  • Glass containers and bottles are NOT allowed on the beach.
  • It is illegal to disturb or damage the dunes, the sand fencing or the sea grass and sea oats. Stay on the boardwalks and marked paths!
  • Metal detecting is allowed on the public beach, but NOT in the dunes, the street ends or any other public property.
  • Littering is illegal. Please use the trash and recycling containers provided.
  • It is illegal to discharge, sell, store or possess fireworks within the city, including the beach. Fireworks displays by pyrotechnic professionals may be approved if permitted and supervised.
  • Inflatables are NOT allowed on the beach. Boogie Boards and inflatable rafts with rope lining are allowed
  • All fires are prohibited on the beach, including barbecues and bonfires.
  • Commercial activity is prohibited on the public beach. Non-commercial weddings (where no one is being paid) are allowed without a permit. Commercial weddings are not allowed.
  • Items may not be set up on the beach before 8:00 am and must be removed from the beach by 7:00 pm, daily.

*Violations of these ordinances are misdemeanors, subject to a fine of up to $500 and/or 30 days in jail, upon conviction.*



JBS handbook illustrates our standard operating procedures, as well as other necessary information that will be beneficial to you. We encourage you to become familiar with the information in the handbook. This information will be covered again throughout your initial rookie training program.

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