07 Reordering, Relocating, and Extending Stay


This module is about reordering, relocating and extending stay. Let’s start with reordering. There are a couple of ways to get to the reordering screen. The first way is by simply clicking the reorder button down here at the bottom of the page. Another way to get there is by doing it by customer. If I click on a customer and come down to the bottom, I can then click on a specific set that I would like to move. When I click it, it’ll automatically scroll me directly to it.

This is an easy way to quickly find someone in the reordering menu. On the reordering page, I can reorder as many as I would like at a time. I can also use this placeholder to move things between screens. Let’s say L. Lomelle would like to move from the north side to the south side. I can drag them into this box down here and then I can click the south side and then find a new spot for them to stay.

In this case, I’ll put them in G9 and Y9 on the south side. I can also do things like stacking. I can stack these inside of the same container as a placeholder until I move them to another location. However, I cannot save it if they are stacked like that. I must make sure that each set only has one order inside of it.

After I’ve completed my reordering, I can click Save. It’ll then show me a synopsis of where I’ve moved customers. In this case, L. Lomelle has moved from North Y1 to South G9, and North G1 to Y9. B. Vupse has moved from North Y3 to North G3, and so on and so forth. I can confirm all of these moves by clicking save changes.

It’ll then reorder them and then I can go back to my rentals page. Now all of those orders have been moved. You’ll notice that I moved D. Mulorz in between, B. Vupse. This now breaks up their seating , so we do not have one large button anymore. If that was a mistake, I could go back to reorder and fix it.

There. Now they are seated appropriately again. You’ll notice that these users now have notes attached to them; Every time a reorder happens, a note is created for them. So I can come to notes and you’ll see that each note is created on a per customer basis. I can see that they moved from North B4 to North B3 and so on and so forth.

Next, let’s talk about relocating. Let’s take a look at B. Vupse here and let’s move him from location 16 to a different location. This process requires you to first select the location you would like to move them to. So in this case, I moved them to location 30 and then I have to give a reason why they want to move.

It could be something as simple as they just moved hotels. When I click Move customer, it’s now going to bring me into location 30 and allow me to seat them. In this case, it shows me that I cannot place them in B3 or G3, I have to select a different set. So I’ll go ahead and set four sets and click continue.

I’ve now moved them from location 16 to location 30 and their seats are ready to go. Now let’s do another example. Let’s say that you’re working at location 16, but the customer, when they placed their order, they were initially at location 30. How can we move them? The way to do this would be to come to the menu and then do search for orders.

You can then search for the orders that you’re looking for. You can find their names and then move them. In this case, I’m looking for Bilbo. I can click on their name, come down here to location 30 and then move them back to location 16. In this case, they wanted to move because it was closer to their friends.

So then, I click Move Customer. I now have to seat them at location 16. I’ll go ahead and select B4 and G4 on the south side. Now Bilbo has been moved. Now let’s take a look at extending a user stay. I’m going to use G. Nunez as our example. When I click on their name, you’ll notice a few things.

Their rental period is in March 10th to March 11th. So when I click Extend Stay, it’s going to default the next day to March 12th. If the user wants to skip a few days, say maybe they’re coming back on Monday, you could change the start date. In this case, you would like to stay from the 12th and extend out through the rest of the weekend.

So we’ll go out to Sunday. We then have the option to change cash or credit payment and then proceed the checkout. This will then take us to the New Order page where we can enter the credit card information once more. Then complete their order. By default, it’s automatically selected the South side Y2 and B3 because those were the seats they were already staying in.

Now I just have to continue and confirm. Now Gary Nunez is set and ready to go for his extended stay. In the next module, we’re going to take a deep dive into notes.



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