08 Location Notes and Staff Profile


This module is all about notes. There are essentially two types of notes; There’s a location note, which is a general note that gets assigned to a specific location. And then there’s order notes. The location notes can be created from the main navigation and then heading into notes and then clicking on the pen tab. This will leave a note that anybody that is assigned to this location can see.

As you can see, I just created this location update note and it’s assigned to location 16. If I were, say, an admin or a supervisor, I would have to come to location 16 to see this note. Another type of note is an order note, which we’ve talked about before. You can come to a specific order and leave a note.

So I’m going to leave another note here. This is another note. Order notes. Get assigned to the customer. So you’ll notice if I come back to location 16 in my notes, I’ll have a note that is assigned to that location and that customer. Another thing to mention is that all notes are also assigned to users. In this case, I am the one that created all of those notes.

So if I come to my profile and then come to notes, you’ll notice that all notes that I have ever made are categorized here. This is a quick way for me to see all of the notes that I left. I can then jump to an order or to a customer profile or even the location that I was at very quickly.

While we’re here, let’s take a look at our staff account. At the top, we have our name as well as a green circle indicating that we’re currently logged in. We also have a way to call ourselves or send an email. Below that, we have three tabs for our account, orders, and notes, which we’ve already gone over.

And below that, we have some details. We’re able to change our password. We’re also able to take a look at all of the shifts that we worked clicking on these. This will take me back in time to that location on that day. I can also change my contact information. So if I have a new phone number or I get a new email address, I can update those here.

Below that, you can see the account information for when it was created, last modified, and the last time I logged in. Under the order tab. It shows me any orders that I may have created as an attendant. So you can see the orders that we’ve just placed earlier now show up under my order list. Another purpose for the note system as an attendant is to be able to request a refund.

As an attendant, you do not have the permissions to create a refund that has to be done by a supervisor or an admin. So you can utilize the note system to say customer has requested a refund. This concludes our staff training series. We really hope that this series has been helpful for you. If you have any questions, please reach out via Discord, our website, or contact a supervisor.

Let’s have a great season.



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