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Hello and welcome to the course overview for John’s Beach Service Rental Management App. My name is Nick and I’ll be your guide through these videos. This video is designed to give you an overview of all the modules in the staff training series.

Module 01: Getting Started

Module one will be about getting started. We’ll cover your welcome email. The difference between our training app and our operating app.

How to set your password and log in as well as how to select your location. We’ll also show you how to reset your password and give you pointers on getting more help and information as you’re getting started.

Module 02: Location Overview

Module two will cover the location overview. This will be your main base of operations. Together will be exploring the UI, all the rentals that are in your list. How to Manage Your Upcoming Reservations. Create Location Notes. Searching through those rentals that you have as well as changing your dates to be able to see past and present and future rentals and you’ll be able to manage your location. Financials.

Module 03: Customer Orders

Module three is all about customer orders. This is specifically how the customer when they’re on the beach, how they will place the order. We’ll show you the difference with a QR code and manually selecting a location for the customer, how they actually create their order as well as enter their customer information. And then we’ll show the differences between the checkout process for cash versus credit. We will also show how a user adds a tip to the order.

Module 04: Attendant Orders

Module four is all about new orders from the perspective of you, the attendant placing those orders. There are several different ways to start an order, so we’ll show you each of those. We’ll show you how to find customers and also create new customers. And we’ll also teach you how to select locations, dates and the rentals We’ll also show you the checkout process, again for cash versus credit, and we’ll even show you how to seat the customer directly from this process.

Module 05: Managing Orders

Module five is all about managing orders. We have a deep search functionality that we’re going to teach you how to use, as well as give you a brief overview of relocation reordering and extending stays. We’ll also show you how to leave notes about a specific order. We will show you how to resend order receipts and access. Customer account information should you need to change any of their information. We’ll also show you the process for requesting a refund or avoid.

Module 06: Seating Reservations

Module six is all about seating reservations. There are several different types of reservations, and we will show you how to interact with each one of those. We’ll also show you how to view all of the orders from the reservation, as well as selecting the seats and confirming that the customers are seated in the correct location.

Module 07: Reordering, Relocating, Extending Stay

Module seven will be a deep dive into re-ordering, relocating and extending stay. There are several different ways to reorder, so we’ll go through each one of those as well as how to relocate a customer to a new location. And we’ll also show you how to extend a customer’s rental module.

Module 08: Location Notes

Module eight is all about location notes. We’ll explain the different types of notes so you can create how to create them. And then we’ll also show you how they’re assigned to different customers and staff members.


If you have questions throughout the course of this series, we highly recommend you to number one. Join our Discord. You’ll receive a link and you’re welcome. Email. That’s going to be the best place for you to get answers immediately. From other staff members, supervisors, and admin.

Or you can also go to our website, johnsbeachservice.com/training for all of these videos as well as a place for you to fill out a form to get more help. Any point you can also ask your supervisor while you’re on the beach. If you should run into any trouble. Thank you for your time watching this overview.

Let’s go ahead and jump in to Module one.



JBS handbook illustrates our standard operating procedures, as well as other necessary information that will be beneficial to you. We encourage you to become familiar with the information in the handbook. This information will be covered again throughout your initial rookie training program.

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App Training

Please start this after you have read through the handbook. We have a custom application that we use to manage our rentals. To help you learn the application, we have created a series of training videos. Close captioning and transcripts provided.

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