05 Managing Orders


In this module, we’re going to talk about managing orders. There are several different ways to get to orders. The first way is in your rentals list, you can simply click on a user. Another way to get there is to utilize the search functionality. If you open the menu and then come down the search orders, this screen will show you the most recent 350 orders.

There’s a good chance your order is already in here. If it’s not, you can simply tap in the search bar and then search. Once I find the order that I’m looking for, I can then click on it and it’ll take me to it. In the order screen at the very top. This shows me the customer’s name as well as what they’ve ordered in this case, it’s two sets and one extra chair.

Below that, we have tabs, rentals, payments, and notes. The rentals tab shows you their contact information, their phone number and their email. Below the contact, we have the rental information. This shows you the rental period, meaning they’re starting end date and also tells you what day of the rental we’re currently in. So, for example, today is March 10th. So we are on day one of their rental.

Tomorrow it will be day two of two on the 12th. It’ll say that the rental period has ended. It also shows me the amount of sets, chairs, and umbrellas they have and a way to extend their stay. This user is actually not checked in yet, so we can’t extend their stay. We’ll be able to do this and we will go through that process

in another module. Below that will be able to see their location details. This will list the location they are located at and where all of their sets are located. Again, since this user is not checked in yet, they do not have that information. Let’s check out a user that does have that information. You can see that this information is different.

This is showing the extend stay button as well as the checked in and the checked in by. Below that, we do have the location and also the set IDs. Clicking on these will allow you to reorder them. We’ll go over that in a separate module though. The payment tab shows you all of the payment information. It shows you the status, the day it was placed and whom it was placed by.

In this case, the user placed the order by themselves. If this was an order that was placed by an attendant, it would have the attendants name and a link to their profile. It will also show you the method that they paid with and then the order ID number. Below that, it shows you their order items, the amount of sets and days that they have selected as well as any extra chairs or umbrellas that they may have added.

If the customer leaves a tip or is refunded, that information will show up here. In the notes tab, we are able to leave notes for specific customers. Leaving a note is very simple. I can say something like “This customer loves the beach.” When I submit this it will automatically add that note, not only to their customer profile, but also to the location manager as well.

So if I go back and then go to my notes, you’ll notice that it’s been added here. “This customer loves the beach.” It also shows up on the user’s button on the rentals page. We also have the option to resend a receipt. By default, the user’s email is set in the send to. We also have the option to make a carbon copy.

You can enter up to two email addresses separated by a comma. Clicking send receipt will then send the email to the customer. I also mentioned before I have the option to view the customer’s profile. I can either click up here on their name or click this button here, “View Customer”. I can change any of the information on this page I can change their first, last, phone, email, or the preferred method of contact. On the order page,

It shows you an overview of how much this customer has spent total and below that is a list of all of the orders that they have placed. In the notes tab, it’ll compile all of the notes from all the orders for this specific customer. Up in the top right corner., you can also make a phone call to them or send them an email should you need to.

We ask that you please not call or email clients unless it’s an absolute emergency. That about does it for managing orders. Let’s move on to seating reservations.



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