03 Customer Orders


Module three is about customer orders. A customer can come onto the beach and scan the QR code in the back of the lifeguard stand. It’ll automatically bring them to rentals jobs and fill out the correct location should they not scan the QR code. You can instruct them to go to rentalsjbs.com and then select the correct location after they set the location

they can then choose their rental dates if they want to choose a date in the future, we would not allow them to select cash. Notice how the cash is not allowed to be selected. If a customer wants to order with a credit card, they can however order in advance. If the customer wants to order with cash for a future date, then you will have to place the order for them as the attendant.

We will cover this and our next module. I’m going to select credit card for this first time around and show you that process. On the next page, the users are to select their sets, any extra chairs, or umbrellas that they will like to add to their order as they select their options. It’ll tally up their total at the bottom;

This says you’re renting five chairs, three umbrellas for $190. Is this correct? The user must select this checkbox in order to continue. Next, they need to enter their information. The customer can choose either email or text receipt. In this case, I’m going to choose email because I’m putting in a fake phone number. At the bottom, we have a weather and cancelation policy.

It’s highly recommended for the user or customer to read this before they continue on the next page. They fill out their credit card information and then click pay. We are currently in testing mode, so we can use the numbers for 4242 all the way across. This credit card number only works in training mode. After the order has been placed

the customer is brought to this page that thanks them for their order. They also have the opportunity to then leave a tip. If they should leave a tip, they can click yes, and then they are brought to this page. It shows the user their order total as well as a way to then select predefined tip amounts or they can use a custom tip amount and set that here.

In this case, I’m feeling generous, so I’ll leave $100 tip. I can click continue and then I must fill out my credit card information once more. I click tip $100 and then that will be the end of our transaction. The customer should have received the first email, which is their receipt. If the customer leaves a tip, we also send them another email.

We also send them one more email at the end of their stay, asking them to rate review and leave a tip. Let’s go back and take a look at how a cash order is placed. You’ll notice that all of these steps are identical. The difference comes when we get to the end. When I get to the end, it does not ask me for my credit card information.

Instead, it just says pay $75. When I click this button, it’s going to send you the attendant notification inside the app to collect payment from them. This is how a customer places an order. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at John’s Beach Service dot com. The next module will be about attendant orders and how those are processed.

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