02 Location Overview


Welcome to Module two. This module is about managing your location. Let’s take a look at the app together. Across the top, we have a few buttons — We have the back button, which takes you back to the previous page or on. The reload button, which reloads the current page you’re on. And then the home button, which always takes you back to your rentals page. In the top right section,

we have the navigation button. Opening this up will bring us to a navigation structure that allows us to go deeper into the application. If we open up the rentals, we can immediately jump to the north or the south. We can see all our chair rentals, our umbrellas, any reservations we may have, notes, and voids and refunds. We can also place a new order from here as well as search for orders.

At the bottom, we have a way to manage our account and a log out button. Below the top bar we have the tabs. These tabs give you an indication of how many rentals you have in each area. The up arrow signifies the north and down is south. The chair icon means extra chairs, and the umbrella icon means extra umbrellas.

Clicking on these tabs will bring you into each section. Below that is a search bar that allows you to quickly search for any customer that may be on the beach. The search bar allows you to search in many different ways. You can search by the user’s name. You can search by their phone number. You can search by their email.

You can also search individual sets. To the right of the search bar, we have a way to quickly get to our notes as well as our reservations. We currently don’t have any voids or refunds, but those would also show up right here. Clicking on the notes button will take me to any notes that I have not read yet.

Across the top, we have more navigation, unread messages, read messages, as well as a tab to write a new note. Clicking on the reservations button will take me to the reservations for today. Across the top, it shows me the total reservations; We have eight sets, two extra chairs, two extra umbrellas. Below the information area we have a search bar the search bar works just like it does on the rentals page.

You can search by users, name, email or phone number. Although the search bar is a list of all your current reservations. On the left hand side, it shows you whether they paid cash or credit and whether or not the cash payment has been collected. Red means that cash has not been collected. Green means it has been collected. Clicking on one of these will then take you into seat

the customer. Seating the customer will be covered in a separate module. Below the search bar and the quick buttons. We have the list of all of our rentals. These rentals are organized the same way you’re beach is. We have alternating patterns of blue, green, yellow down the beach, depending upon where your customer sits. Those line up inside the app so for example, L. Lomelle is seated at G1 and Y1.

If I scroll down, I can see further down into my list. You may notice that in the extra chairs and the extra umbrellas that some of the names are repeated, what that means is these people have not only sets, but they also have extra chairs. So in this case they have two sets and they have one extra chair and one extra umbrella.

This list here is to give you an indication of who has the extra umbrellas or extra chairs. Clicking on one of the line items with a plus will bring me into this menu. It allows me to set a new order or set one of the reservations that already exists. Below our set rentals list we have this bottom navigation bar here, which allows us to do several things we can change the date, whether that be going forward in time or back in time.

We can also take a look at our location, which shows us all of the financial data that is associated with this specific location. We can also create a new order, or we can reorder our list. In the next chapter, we’re going to take a look at how customers create orders to actually get their information into your app. Let’s do that now.



JBS handbook illustrates our standard operating procedures, as well as other necessary information that will be beneficial to you. We encourage you to become familiar with the information in the handbook. This information will be covered again throughout your initial rookie training program.

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